1 March

Construction Project Management - Success Stories

"The Construction Project Management course that I recently completed is in my opinion very detailed and excellently drafted. I enjoyed every module and found them very broad. I feel that by including and highlighting how project management skills can be utilised in different industries really enhanced the course.   Personally I enjoyed the negotiation module and discovered that this aspect of project management to be really…

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27 February

St. Patrick's Festival - Volunteers Needed!

Would you like to add  Ireland's biggest festival - St. Patrick's Festival to your CV? Good news, St. Patrick's Festival organisers are looking for Fitzwilliam Institute students and graduates to help with few important jobs over the Festival weekend, as follows: Friday– 17th (morning till cc 4PM) – Parade: Grandstand Assistants, role: Assisting grand stand managers in preparing the grand stands for the parade, and helping…

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23 February

Joan Flanagan, Education Officer at European Commission and Harry O'Connor, Deputy Head of Office at European Parliament, guest speakers for PR class

Fitzwilliam Institute's Part-time Diploma in Public Relations class had 2 special guests this week. Joan Flanagan, Education Officer at European Commission and Harry O Connor, Deputy Head of Office at European Parliament talked to Fitzwilliam Institute's PR students about the the two European institutions. Joan Flanagan, Education Officer at European Commission The Commission represents and upholds the interests of the EU as a whole, and is…

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7 February

Use this secret weapon to skyrocket your Event Management career in record time

Event Management courses to skyrocket your career in record time Hello everyone, We hope you’re enjoying the sunshine today. This is just a quick note to thank you for your recent interest in our Event Managment courses and offer you a special something. This will give you a MAJOR advantage when it comes to landing your dream Events job. The live Evening Diploma in Event Management…

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30 January

Volunteering opportunities with St. Patrick's Festival 2017

Applications for volunteering with St. Patrick's Festival 2017 are now open. This year, St. Patrick's Festival organisers are looking for enthusiastic, reliable and motivated volunteers to help with the organisation of the Festival 2017.   They require Production Assistants; Grandstand Assistants, Hospitality & Artist Liaisons; Administrative Assistance; Stewards; Float Crew and Event Coordination Assistants.   Please follow the link below to complete our Volunteer Application. http://www.stpatricksfestival.ie/info/volunteers…

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4 January

Wondering which programming language is right for you? Here's some inspiration

You don’t need us to tell you that when it comes to tech, staying ahead of the curve is a pretty good idea. In such an innovative and fast-paced industry, new technologies are emerging every week, every day… basically all the time! Sometimes there’s no way to predict what’s right around the corner; all we can do is look at current trends and speculate where they…

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6 December

Applications to be a Festival Volunteer at Audi Dublin International Film Festival are now open!

Applications to be a Festival Volunteer at Audi Dublin International Film Festival are now open! The Audi Dublin International Film Festival is bringing the world’s best films to Dublin between 16th-26th February 2017, and to make sure it’s programme of over 130 films, special events and guest appearances runs picture perfect, the Festival needs a team of smart, enthusiastic volunteers who are ready to pull together…

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25 November

4 Reasons Your First Marketing Strategy Isn't Working, and What to do About It

If you've written out a marketing strategy, you’re already ahead of the game: Too many companies neglect the act of formalizing their plans, instead relying on general ideas and improvisation, which almost never turns out well. Thinking through and documenting your strategy separates you from the pack, but there’s a harsh truth about that first draft you whipped up in the meeting room: It probably sucks.…

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18 November

Jobless rate predicted to fall below 7% by end of 2017

The forecast is one of the main themes in the latest economic outlook bulletin from financial think-tank the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), which was published this morning. The positive outlook on the jobs front — the ESRI predicts just over two million of the adult population will be in work by the end of this year — comes despite the think-tank marginally decreasing its…

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7 November

Conference Planning: The job explained

Conference planners and developers manage all aspects of conferences, meetings and corporate events. They might work with a committee of planners or perform duties independently, but it is this individual's responsibility to oversee the scheduling of activities, transportation, hotels, staff and meeting space, and make sure that everything runs smoothly and company goals are met. Most conference planners and developers work long hours -- especially during…

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