27 July

3 easy ways to gain PR experience (when you don’t have any)

Whether you’re looking to find an entry-level PR job or boost your CV for an internship, you need experience to get started in the PR field. While it may seem like a vicious cycle (“How do I find a position that will give me experience if I don’t already have it?”) there are some easy ways that you can get more PR experience to prepare you for a communications career.

1. Think of job descriptions as secret codes for skill-building

Start reading job descriptions for entry-level PR jobs to figure out exactly what skills you need. While many junior positions call for administrative work such as research, media list creation/updating, and maintaining lists of sample pulls, qualifications such as strong writing skills, social media management, even photography or project management can all be easily added to your resume in the form of professional development courses, volunteer work or simply creating samples inspired by brands you love for your portfolio.

2. Volunteer for Events You Care About

If you have a cause that you’re truly passionate about in your area, reach out to see if they need assistance with promoting any upcoming fundraisers or helping to plan events. Most charities will have someone on staff overseeing outreach but can always use extra hands to pitch in and help. Duties might include press release writing, sourcing vendors/sponsors for events, media list creation, and even pitching local media. Festivals and industry conferences can also give you hands-on experience and a chance to impress the very people you are hoping to work for in the near future.

3. Enrol on a Postgraduate Diploma in PR with Arranged Work Experience

As a student in Fitzwilliam Institute’s Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations with Arranged Work Experience (19th September), you will prepare both a public relations portfolio and real life public relations briefs, covering all aspects of effective public relations. During Fitzwilliam Institute’s training program, many of the most successful public relations professionals will work with you to hone your public relations skills and help you achieve success in your challenging and rewarding public relations career. Fitzwilliam Institute’s experienced and highly professional placement officer will work with you throughout the course to help you secure a 3 month full-time work placement within the public relations industry sector. This is 100% guaranteed and arranged by the institute, as we work closely with some of Ireland’s leading public relations companies and professionals from across the sector. Over 95% of our course participants secure full-time positions within the public relations industry sector upon completion of this course. As a result of over 30 years providing practical training to the industry, a significant number of our graduates are senior figures in the public relations industry today. See some of our recent postgraduate students’ amazing experiences here.