29 January

How to get into Events (the easy way)

Do you want to be successful in the dynamic, challenging and rewarding field of Events Management?

Achieving your Events career goals is easier than you might think.

Just like Louise McCarron, who is now working with a national charity, or like Lisa Nolan, who is now part of the team organising all of the big, memorable events in the capital city. See their stories here.

Working in events requires such a wide variety of practical skills that it is best to learn through doing. So here, at Fitzwilliam Institute, we aim to give all those who attend our courses a relentlessly practical experience, ensuring they leave ready to hit the ground running and helping them secure that all-important first role.

That's why the 10-week evening Diploma in Event Management, created and delivered by successful industry professionals, offers practical and specific event management skills that can be applied in real-world situations - "The Apprentice" style. 

Our students gain exposure to a broad range of event types and prepare a real-life event brief. They are guided through all of the stages of creating and planning an event, finally producing an event pitch which they can use as a template for future event management proposals. See how a Presentation Day looks like here.

If you're contemplating a career in Event Management, we can help!

Now Accepting Applications

Diploma in Event Management - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre

Start Date: 5th March 2018

Duration: 10 weeks/20 classes (6.30pm - 9.15pm)

Location: Dublin City Centre

Limited places remaining. To book a free course consultation, please call us on 01 283 4579 or email info@fitzwilliaminstitute.ie. Please apply here.